Friday, February 12, 2010

Week 3 Assignments

Writing Assignment: Select one

1) Write a scene or a story of no more than one page that does not conform to traditional structure. Think about some of the techniques used in Little Book of Days. Or think about the Isabella Rossellini anecdote from “Gesture” in which an unspoken situation is revealed through an action.


2) Finish the repetition poem you started in class today (or write a new one). Really try to push the poem in as many directions as possible, relying on the repeated phrase to ground the poem. Try out the skills we’ve talked about in class, especially the different kinds of patterns.

Read for Next Week

My Name, Richard Brautigan from In Watermelon Sugar
Margaret, Richard Brautigan from In Watermelon Sugar
A Mown Lawn, Lydia Davis
My Papa’s Waltz, Theodore Roethke
The Dance, William Carlos Williams
Everything that Rises Must Converge, Flannery O’Connor


1. Post an entry about any one of the readings this week. This may be a critical or creative piece of about 200-300 words. It MUST respond to your chosen reading in some way, either by identifying and discussing craft elements, themes, or techniques or by using those elements in a creative response.

2. Post comments on at least three other entries. Remember, this is not a place for critiquing each other’s work. Instead, identify something from the piece that strikes or interests you, ask a neutral question about the work, or suggest ways the author could deepen or expand it.

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