Wednesday, February 24, 2010

rendition of "the difference between pepsi and coke"

Gives his seat up to old women on the bus; thinks he's strong and able bodied
spends money on his girlfriend, thinks he can make more later
is polite and respectful, knows when to be courteous
Not very loud, and doesn't like to make a scene
thinks all people have some good in them; knows this is true
But he eats with his mouth open and his eyes closed.
Curses like it's bread and butter; even though cursing is for
the inarticulate mother fucker,
Spits inside, spits outside; and fucking hates people
especially people who are too polite.
God damn old women too weak to stand on the bus.
It's okay; it's the right thing to do.
Drunk and high most of the time,
broke and terrible at school
doesn't have the where with all to get it together;
too dreamy, too stuck within fantasy
spends all his money; has little faith in himself
and is too scared to be optimistic; probably
just a fucking coward.
Guilt and sorrow and filth and the natural
desire to exist; to exist as a human within and outside
of the American nation, but all too much attachment
to his vices, as if they could be called vices
the self-pitying self-loathing mother fucker
self-righteous in a his own manipulative way,
so manipulative he doesn't even know it.
But he does know it.
But he eats with his mouth open and eyes closed
so all you see is the chewed up food and you never once
have to see into those chewed up eyes; spitting grief and absurdity and dramatics.
Atleast making sure to get up for the old women on the bus

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