Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Little Book of Days

I found that reading this book straight through was beginning to become pretty daunting. So When I was about a fifth of the way through. I decided to open the book open and read whatever page I landed on. Oddly enough, the first line I read, in the middle of the entry is what stuck with me for the entire book after that. "It feels like a crime to be lonely." This came from page 40. It really just brings the reader into a world of heartache. You think back to a time when you were lonely, and you had no one to be with or to talk to. "Early morning calls are for crises." If you have an out, if you have a way to cure the loneliness, maybe you have to wait. You are a prisoner, you can't call someone at 3 AM just because you needed to talk to another human being. You are locked up in an empty room with no one to save you, and I think that's what she means but its a crime to be lonely. Its just like a jail cell, you don't want to be there, but there is nothing you can do about except wait until you get released.

-- Mike Davies


  1. Mike
    I 100% agree with your statement about it being quite the task to march through the entire book in one sitting. I think is was meant to be read over several weeks, examining a new entry every day. Yet, there were a couple of moments that stood out to me as well. I agree with her writings about being lonely. She mentions how she was up at 7am and wanted to talk but 7am calls were only for emergencies, not just to talk.

    Jason Yelland

  2. Ha a similar thing happened to me. Except that when I was trying to get through this book I decided to check here and I saw what you wrote about it feeling like a crime on page 40. It stuck with me the whole book but more so depressing me than anything else. Either way good insight.

  3. I agree that it was hard to read through and also with Mike, that we should read one page everyday. That seems the right way to go about it. That line stuck out at me too.

  4. I wish I would have read the book differently. I was honestly struggling to get through it :(


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