Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"My Name": Imitation/Appearance

Assignment #3: "In Bed"

Still, I lay

The light is still on in my bedroom. My ears catch the sound of the carpet shifting below his aged leather shoes. He slowly slides his hand through the slightly open doorway and brushes it against the light switch. It’s dark, and I know I’ll turn the light back on as soon as he goes to his own bed.

Still, I lay.

I’ve been here for over 11 hours now and this is my second time here. I know it’s not a false alarm. I know it’s real. I know it’s coming now, but I never wanted the shot. The severe woman in sea foam scrubs leans in: “Okay, I’m going to need you to breath deeply and gently. Slow, methodical breaths. In. Out. BREATHE!”

Still, I lay.

A dinosaur’s footsteps cause me to open my dead eyes. Ken, the dinosaur, trudges past my nose and begins to empty himself before flushing the toilet. Narrowly missing my face yet again, the dinosaur moans “Never again.” I peel my face off of the linoleum and return “Me too” before dropping once more.

Still, I lay

When I wake up I’m still in the cloud. I’m not supposed to be hearing this exchange:

#1: I’m telling you, there’re two kinds of rolls for the morning, and they are Tartine and everything else. There’s just no comparison to anything else.

#2: What about Bay Bread? The one on Hayes is always great…

#1: They’re awful. Just awful. I want something I can dip my coffee in, not something to feed my dog. Tartine uses fresh orange zest in their dough. I’m mean, come on…. Pass the scalpel, please.

Still, I lay

I now require ED pills. BUT…

Still, I lay

Arms crossed.

Now, I lie.

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  1. Interesting combination of the repetition and a Nona Caspers' type structure. What will the dinosaur never do again? Very creative, I like it.


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