Thursday, January 28, 2010

Week 1 Assignments

Course Reader and Field Trip
Bring $20 cash or a check to cover your course reader and the field trip to see Juliet on March 18, 2010.

Read for Next Week
The School, Donald Barthelme (re-read)
The Perfect Gerbil: reading Barthelme’s The School, George Saunders

Writing Assignment
Choose One:
1) This week, make a habit of noticing everything around you. Choose two or three concrete, specific, images or details that seem particularly telling about a character or a situation. Using those images, write a poem of no longer than ten lines, or a story of no more than one paragraph. Remember – be brief. Let your images do the work!

2) Take an abstract word used to describe someone, (for example, ugly, stupid, pretty, funny, kind, crazy, heroic etc.). Writing no more than a page, use concrete images and details to convey the quality you choose, without ever using that word. For instance, if you choose ugly, make the reader know that your character is ugly without ever sayings so.

Accept your invitation to the class blog. Visit the site at and acquaint yourself with posting entries and comments. Post at least one comment with a suggestion for improving the site or a writing related link to include. Email me if you have any problems accepting your invitation.


Welcome. Please look around and make yourselves at home. Then suggest (writing related) links to share by creating a new post or entering comments below.