Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Take Off of "The Day Lady Died"

The Day Buddy Died

It is 2: 00 in S.F. a Thursday
three days after Burns night, yes
it is 2010 and I go get a cigarette
because I will get off the M at Stonestown
at 7:00 and then go straight to class
and I don’t know the people next to me

I walk up 19th its beginning to rain
and have a scotch and another cigarette and buy
a damp ONION to see what the cynics
in news are complaining about these days
I go to the ATM
and Mr. Glass (first name Seymour I once heard)
doesn’t yell at me for looking at his shoes for once in his life
and at BORDERS I get the Mu-Mon-Kwan
for Timzie and drawings by Ensor although I do
think the faces reminded me of the Joker or
kids playing with their mom’s lipstick
but I stick with Ensor
after pasting faces from PEOPLE on the skulls in the background

and for myself I stroll into the EASY FREEZY
Liquor store and ask for another pack of Marlboros and
then go back to class after my two hour break
open my laptop to TWITTER and see his name trending

And I’m shaking a lot and smoking heavier and thinking of
leaning on the bar door of the DUBLINER
while he typed secret novels
in seclusion and everyone and I skipped a heartbeat.


  1. I thought this was a pretty good interpretation of the real piece itself, except yours is a little bit easier to understand. Why did you end it the way you did?/ how does the ending relate to the rest of your story?

  2. I wonder how the use of the capitalized words effects the sentence. In the original they seem to be random-ish. Additionally the way you take the poem and modernize it but keep much of the meaning is impressive.


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