Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thoughts on Fork

Just the other other, my roommate and I were talking about cats. Her ex boyfriend had a weird thought that the only two things cats thought about was sleeping and killing. We have three cats in our house, so I got a little weirded out. After reading Simic's poem, I began thinking about the significance in objects around me that are not normally very important to mention. Last year my cat's tail was caught in a crack in the window and pulled off, causing him to be... well... tail-less. The idea that objects around us can be hazardous and even personified as "evil" is fascinating, and Simic through this poem creates that world where a fork can be seen as a terrifying object or a weapon. "This strange thing must have have crept right out of hell"! I just loved this poem!

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  1. It definitely makes you think about these everyday things and transforms them into something almost barbaric. I agree that vocalizing a thought that makes you focus on something that normally wouldn't "freak you out"causes us to freak out


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