Thursday, February 25, 2010


Gertrude Stein has always been a hard read for me even despite her notary talents. However I found in a piece within a piece (DIRT AND COPPER) in OBJECTS that first line grabbed my attention. "dirt and not copper makes a color darker". Something about the fresh earth and the way I can just visualize it being incorporated with another object such as cloth and how they become one yet are still two separate entities. Copper to me is so cold and therefore has no business being at a table.

There were many others too that grabbed my attention in light of there being some crazy one like "peeled pencil,choke"(rub her coke). For instance GLAZED GLITTER. Most often the pieces that were a paragraph were the ones I was drawn into. She repeats metals such as copper and nickel and discusses their properties on an emotional level. How does it fit into our world and why is it here type questions. Here she also repeats mercy as she did in (DIRT AND COPPER). A sense of humanity within objects and teaching lessons by simply being what they are. This was probably the easier reads of the gertrude stein book I have come across in my time.

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