Thursday, February 18, 2010

Brautigan's "Margaret" and "My Name"

After reading Richard Brautigan's short pieces, "Margaret" and "My Name", I was somewhat disappointed. It's not to say that his writing was bad, I just did not feel any sort of connection with the characters in both pieces. The first one, "Margaret", definitely maintains a sense of apathy and has a consistent tone, but I just find myself disliking the character and not finding this piece necessary at all. It explains on simple action, a girl named Margaret coming to the door and the main character not wanting to answer it. It doesn't feel as though it maintains any depth, in my opinion. The second piece, "Nameless" is a continuation of the same collection of writing, and in maintains a consistent theme until the very end. It focuses so much on the fact that the speaker is nameless and that he is somewhat of an abstract, but then the author brings Margaret into it again at the end, and it just feels entirely out of place. I honestly did not enjoy these two pieces.

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