Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Creative Response: Fork


Spawned from the inbreeding
of spoon and fork,
Spork is the member of the family kept most hidden,
he’s so “special” it’s always put in quotes.
Looks like a fork with a padded helmet
worn around the necks of the homeless or the
As you use it to unsuccessfully
stab into your newborn calf, bloody raw
you imagine this spork, your new friend
in his padded helmet,
his head which like your first
is vacant, vapid, and hairy.


  1. haha i enjoyed this a lot. I liked the original poem because it was odd and I didn't really understand it.with this rendition you do a good job with the combination of satire with the image of a fork wearing a padded helmet. Classic!

  2. Wow, you're right! Very interesting!

  3. There was a great deal of humor in this piece, making it extremely enjoyable for the reader. I love how you played off the original image of the fork and made it your own. Great job :)

  4. "He's so 'special' it's always put in quotes"
    I like that line a lot. As well as the image of the fork in the helmet. Great read!


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