Thursday, February 11, 2010

My response to Gesture

I found this reading to be applicable and helpful when writing. As a new born Creative Writing major, I haven't really read any of the texts about writing. I had never really been someone interested in art talk, craft talk, or really anything analytical about art. The way I used to see it was that other people's opinions don't really matter as much as what the reader gained from it. Now I am realizing it is time to set my ego aside and be open to any advice or ideas anyone has to offer. If it works, it works. If it doesn't, it doesn't. I have nothing to lose.
Although, I do have a difficult time actually incorporating her said "gestures" into my writing. My writing is somewhat a stream of consciousness, or at least it begins as so. As I create draft after draft, I begin to incorporate details that tie in with other details that seem to make the story more cohesive. There are many techniques, according to Prose, to help incorporate this into writing.
"Often, gestures betray the unconscious, but in fact there are many cases in which we are all too conscious of our gestures- and that consciousness too is a sort of revelation." I think that by being careful with the way I state things, by making things that are seemingly unconscious more of a conscious decision on my part and less of a conscious action on my characters part, incorporating this into my writing should go smoothly.

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