Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Clown Laughter-Mown Lawn

He hated clown laughter. Maybe that was because lag was in laughter and he tended to do that a lot. Clown laughter had a sad sound to it, like drown and slaughter. For him, clown laughter made drowning slaughter. Laughter had some of the letters of thug, a bad person. Clown laughter also contained the word owner. Something that he was not. In fact some owners are indeed clowns who had laughter. Laughter also had the word hag. Some clowns are hags but not all hags are clowns. Hags do not always laugh what about thugs? Do thugs ever make anyone laugh? Can clowns make thugs laugh? Let the hags and thugs have their clown laughter, he said. Or the splatter, splatter clown.

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  1. Nice. I hate clown laughter too, and I've never even heard it.


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