Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tender Buttons


A box filled with half boxes, is white and sharp silver, and black wrapped in rubber. A shell or a mouth that is open and slowly swallowing. Sharp light at an angle, blinking onto the black plastic that leaning. Ordered in moving. The same ones, still standing.


In spinning is still. Three green leaves and a freckle-faced girl. Is diving down in a pool and stops short because it is frozen. Certainly not fit for eating. While dancing is gray around the pond. White following. Hunger is not an action.


All splayed and spraying. Grass that needs mowing. You miss them when they go and you would go back and tell them so. The space between the gum and the tooth, pink dark den. Wearing out or in. Sometimes clean, sometimes almost clean, sometimes forgetting clean.

A flamingo a hedgehog a hammer a knife.


  1. Liked your descriptions for the pieces. Could imagine what you were talking about. The definitions played around with sound and imagery also at the same time added room for invention.

  2. I can see you used a lot of fragmented sentences. True to the form found in Tender Buttons. I liked the repetition as well, especially "A flamingo a hedgehog a hammer a knife." I think you did a good job recognizing the craft elements GS employed.

  3. Nice work. My favorite was the toothbrush. "All splayed and spraying", it's fun to say. Similar wordplay to Tender Buttons. Is the flamingo/hedgehog an Alice in Wonderland reference??


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