Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My attempt at "Fork"


How does it look
to those who are
absent of teeth.

Wiry fibers cleaning
that which is dirty,
do we really need it?
A dog's mouth is
supposedly cleaner
than ours.


  1. I liked this, i think it was a good rendition of "Fork". I enjoyed the question you posed, it allows for a pause, which within a short poem is important.

  2. Nice poem, I feel you were able to capture the spirit of Fork perfectly by making the toothbrush strange and foreign as well. I really liked the first line of "How does it look to those who are absent of teeth." I find it interesting to think of how strange a toothbrush would really seem to someone who is toothless. Nice imagery.

  3. Haha, this is awesome.

    It's like people in wheelchairs seeing the "walk" insignia at crosswalks.

  4. Lol.. very clever. Totally enjoyed reading this!

  5. It's very simple but truthful at the same time. You did a good job in recreating the tone and feel that was originally in the "Fork" piece. You described the object as though it were something new and fascinating, which is definitely hard to do with something like a toothbrush

  6. awesome, i love it. I like the replication of the spirit of "Fork" in a new way. I like both points you make, both about the toothless person and the dog's mouth. Nice.


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