Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chris Robinson's response to "Gentelmen's agreement" / Imitation

Adam: Адам
Naivety is listening to a world that tells you, you are wrong and that they are right and right…What do those bigots know about anything? What do bigots got against me anyways I never did anything bad to them. You Adam spent long cold nights in your youth tossing and turning, while your comforter was pushed up against your back and ass. You would make believe that your bed spread was your strong and handsome lover, holding you tightly in his arms. Your lover had bronze skin, strong callused hands and wavy brown hair. He kissed your thighs and sucked on you when you had a bad day and most of the time you loved him.
After your mother and father died you were predisposed to sudden violent attacks of flout and tantrums. During these hysterics you cursed yourself, you yelled into the starry night time sky and reprimanded God, than you would feel guilty. You would rush inside and scream vulgarities at your make believe love, like fuck you…You bronze skinned limp dick faggot. Get out of my bed. Than most times you would take a breathe apologize and your lover (the blanket) would take you in its big strong arms. You’d burn yourself with hot wax sometimes and cut at your pale skin with a dull butter knife and call yourself a dirty homo. You tried to like women, but late at night with your blanket pushed up against your back, you always dreamed of the love that Lord Alfred Douglas so eloquently defined as “The Love that Dare Not Speak its Name.”


  1. Chris

    Your rendition of Gentlemens Agreement has great use of character description. As a reader I get a strong, emotional sens of what the character, Adam, is feeling. You capture the essence of what the author is trying to create, albite with a much more mature and alarming tone. The attempt is done quite well and the author would see his technique mirrored quite well


  2. I enjoyed reading this very detailed and off-beat character description. I would be interested in seeing what specific part of Gentleman's Agreement inspired this.

  3. I loved your opening line, it really plays into the further character description. It seems as if Adam lies between a state of horrific reality and naivety. You were able to capture the author's style well. Great job.


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  5. You make second person narration work really well and I like how tough you are on your character.


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