Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Sorry if this is a little late... this is a piece inspired by the Gestures reading. Enjoy!

She twisted the dial downward and put on the kettle, setting aside two teabags from a Tupperware container. Her frizzy red hair was restrained only by an obscene magenta hair-tie.

What else was there to do? He set his teeth and told her, told her right there and then, told her everything. Her back to him, she did not she stop her preparations, not for a moment. With practiced hands she took the packets of sugar from the shelf, arranged by color and selected a yellow Splenda and a pink Sweet-And-Low. A teaspoon and the right cup of artificial creamer received the same treatment. Aside from the feminine cluckings, she was perfectly silent.

She did not look at him, but of course, she did look at him. It was really very awkward, to be looked at so, without the eyes. It made telling her all the worse - she might know every hair on his head with that kind of looking.

The kettle began whistling only after several moments of silence following the telling. In time she handed him his teacup as if he had just come into the room. Her eyes sparkled like spun glass beads as she said

“Would you like cream or sugar with your tea?”


  1. I enjoyed this story a lot because it felt truthful. I enjoy the way you tied the ending and the story. The writing flowed smoothly and the transitions were good.

  2. Very good use of gesture. Could tell from the beginning the story it is slowly gaining momentum to the intent of all her actions. I can really get to understand how the character is feeling and thinking.


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