Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tender Croutons

I wrote this after reading Tender Buttons Objects. None of it made any sense. The words sounded good though and there was rhythm and repetition and a lot of colors. So anyway this is what I came up with.


Bubbling black is a top, is a toad. But not a toad if part of a crowd.


A mound is brown if its ground, supposing it is ground than its not grassy, grassy is green and great through glass.


A yurt. A muffin. Sits on dirt. Rolling and round and opens down and yurts are houses and not for horses. A yurt.


If it is such that, if A then B, and If B then not G. A then B. If B not G. Then X.


Green fresh vegetables make Sprite sprightly. Green with brass brass is sprightly, makes Sprite more vegetable.


  1. "If it is such that, if A then B, and If B then not G. A then B. If B not G. Then X." This line pretty much sums up the complex, strange, andt yet inspiring, style of G.S. Your rendition was well thought out, yet at the same time seems like it was just generated randomly and posted. This is what gives it the magic of the original.

  2. I like the use of alliteration in the first piece, concluded with the partial rhyme, it shows the attention to the language and sound, which was rather the point.

  3. Love the alliteration, this piece is really enjoyable to read. I like the Yurt portion because it's so rare so read or hear about those things, and a muffin sitting on dirt is such a spot-on description.

  4. Awesome rendition. I can clearly see the Stein influence; it sounds pretty, but doesn't make much sense.


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