Thursday, February 11, 2010


My favorite piece from “Little Book of Days.” By Nona Casper’s can be found on pages 54- 55. It is imaginative and unique and consequently I found myself inspired. What would one do if a robber stole our bed? I am pretty sure; I would be passive until the last possible moment. The action is wonderful and it shows the reader she has a clear intent. What I mean is it allows us to take a journey through Casper’s mind. The story is well crafted, inspired. It led me to want to keep a journal of my day’s thoughts.

The syntax of the piece is interesting; oftentimes two separate thoughts will combine without a paragraph breaks. Like an actual day. The narrative also will change from first person to third. Making the story a powerful representation of the chaotic thoughts thorough-out a day. There are also many different themes that converge throughout the story, such as, (Squirrels, V, A, T, bugs, cats with long tails.)

In the section a woman is confronted with a robber that is stealing her bed. It begins with “SOUND” the reader knows instantly that something is about to happen. Through this use of action the author sucks the reader in. Casper’s imagination is ingenious here. She holds us in suspense. She is quiet and unable to escape and at the last possible moment confronts the robber only to be hit by her mattress.

The author will also use punctuation in an interesting way. P. 54 “….the bottom drawer full of journals. Silence…” The story is well crafted, unique and is a fine depiction of the writer’s voice.

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  1. i liked that the character (the author?) was so emotionally tied to her bed as well. the robber could have easily taken anything else, but goes straight for the mattress. She views her mattress as a sanctuary, and it seems to be an object of desire for the robber, but also in the mornings views it as a "grave"
    its interesting when one object is shown to represent so many different things


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