Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Difference Between Pepsi and Coke

I was ready to hear this guys description of Coke and Pepsi. I was so disappointed. I was ready to dive right in and voice my opinion on how Pepsi is the best, and call everyone crazy. Instead I was met with some sort of tribute to a man. I think the most interesting part of the poem is that this guy has extremes, no gray area. But the mention that he can tell the subtle difference of two kinds of cola was interesting. To me it seems that this guy would have one preference, but then you read on. You discover he isn't just a mean old man making poor decisions, feeling inadequate and having a temper. You discover he is also a great man who stood up for things he knew was right before anyone told him it was right, he provides to his children and he is knowledgeable and cultured. Everyone can relate to this poem. Everyone knows someone who has maybe been through too many things in his life and keeps them bottles up only to find other ways to self medicate his pain in his life. But this never makes him a bad person, you always know that there is a nice man inside.

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