Saturday, April 3, 2010


When reading this event I was amazed at the geniune feel the narrator had. The first paragraph or so was typical, talking about generic resolutions, But when he delivers his resolution "I want to learn to see myself as nothing." is when the interest kicks in. The narrator digs into situations where he wants to be nothing yet he has "You spend the first half of your life learning that you are something after all, now you have to spend the second half learning to see yourself as nothing." The concept here is a disconnec with reality, trying, in vein, to become something your not, and can never be. Finally the narrator sees his resolution is beyond his control and reduces his goal, day by day learning to "be a little less then I usually am." With this last line we also get a tiny glimpse into a potential suicidal person.

Jason Yelland


  1. I also found it interesting that the author's resolution is to be nothing. We spend so much time trying to be something or someone. These can be thoughts of a suicudal or disillusioned person. It is clear however,that the author is tired about trying to meet up with society's standards of him.

  2. I agree with your statement that this is about a disconnect with reality, trying, in vein, to become something your not, and can never be. This individualistic mentality has taken dominance in society, especially in the West, and it really is unhealthy as it raises people's expectations incredibly high because everyone wants to be successful in some way. I like that the narrator realizes this and tries to not see herself as an individual but realizes its too hard because once you see yourself as an individual where anything is possible its hard to go back and see yourself as nothing and insignificant.

  3. This piece was the one that I was able to truly connect to, because I think as a lot of us get older, we begin wondering about our place in the world, and what we really are suppose to be doing as individuals. We go on this long journey of trying to achieve, and once we have everything we want, we begin examining ourselves more critically.

  4. I think you touched on the points that made me enjoy reading this piece, the genuine feeling I think is what got me.


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