Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Creative Response to T. Berrigan

"Wife Works the Graveyard at Denny's"

it is 7:56 p.m.
but the next time she blinks it is 8:58.
at Vanity,
she retraces the arcs of her eyebrows kissed away
with pillow-talk. she must get at it again,
again, even though the day has left, again.
she will sunbathe in the beams of neon,
letting it wash away the stars,
saturating cigarette smoke with radiance,
feminine marvelous and tough
it is 12:39 a.m.
pours coffee, turning a shy eye to flashing flasks
it will be another 4 hours til she lies, again,
pushes her husband off of her, again.


  1. The portion of the poem about the arcs of her eyebrows contains beautiful imagery. I enjoy the juxtaposition you achieve in using words/notions such as kiss and pillow-talk (which have a softer sound and connotation), in contrast with the image of one redrawing their eyebrows.

    In terms of the last 3 lines, I was curious as to why you chose to place those commas in that particular position. Were you attempting to alter the flow of the reading, or the speed at which the reader receives these ideas and actions?

  2. yeah, the imagery is beautiful within this, as well as the repetition. Distant but personal, beautiful images to what seems like a sate of unease

  3. The imagery is fantastic. You manage to take something lowly and mundane (a woman working late at a diner/coffee shop) and make it into something that is beautiful and majestic. It's very personal in the sense that we get really close to the subject, enough to feel the emotion of her facial features. I thought it was lovely.


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