Thursday, April 15, 2010

When I first saw the title of the play I was rather excited. I was hoping for a play exemplifying the title. A modern Oscar Wilde, filled with clever asides and quick banter. The actual play both fulfilled and fell short of my expectations. I think because with those two things, in my mind, came a certain lightness, which understandably, Wit did not have.

The language use, to me, is what truly made it live up to its name. COntrasting the technical language of the doctor with Vivian's some times whimsical ruminations, the emotionless proclamations of this professional man versus her deeply emotional experience all played off each other, juxtaposing and expanding in clear ways.

I also liked the plays use of depth, how it soared from the very specific, her consideration of the nurse, to the broad, how she treated her students.

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