Tuesday, April 20, 2010


The selected 'poems' in SwiththeD all have a flavor their own. Mirror from the daily creative accounts for Little Book Of Days, these individual pieces have an odd layout. None of them seem to corrolate with the other, subject wise, creating an abrupt switch from one to the other. However, there were some interesing line I found quite illuminating. "my scruptious Twinkie has as much sex appeal for me as any lanky model or platinum movie idol who's hyped beyond belief." I have related to this idea. Taking the simplier action can sometimes be the better. "Our story unwinds with the curious dynamic of an action flick without a white protagonist." Don't know what to say really about this line, it just struck me to be humorous. Being an advid Disneyland freaK I found the piece 'Variations on a Theme Park' most interesting. It made me think of the meandering of society for the joy of pleasure, without ever really knowing what to look for.

Jason Yelland


  1. I agree that "Variations on a Theme Park" was the most interesting reading this week. I had the same thoughts about a "meandering" society.

  2. I agree that each "poem" has it's own flavor. I especially love the way she plays with words, specifically in Coo/Slur where she combines words to sound out the colors.


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