Thursday, March 25, 2010


Final Projects
Your final project will consist of a substantial creative work based on any one of the readings we have done for class. The project should be a short story or one-act play of about 10 pages, or approximately 6-10 pages of poetry, prose poetry, or flash fiction. It may be in a single genre, or it may incorporate all three (poetry, playwriting, and prose).

You may interpret “based on” in any way you wish, including: borrowing and/or reshaping the text; re-envisioning the situation, location, or time period; taking the point of view of a different character or characters; placing the text in a central place in your narrative; or borrowing a procedure used in one of the books we read (working with the dictionary, or a Shakespearian sonnet, for example).

A description of your project is due when we return from break, on April 8. I will look over project descriptions and contact you that week if your plan is not suitable for any reason.

In addition to the creative work, the project will include an informal 2-page essay discussing your creative process, the challenges and successes you experienced while writing, any discoveries you made, and the ways in which your creative process or the project itself changed (or not) as a result of working on the project.

Your complete final project and your essay are due in class, Thursday, May 13, 2010. Final projects are worth 20% of your grade.

Project Presentations
On May 6 and May 13, we will present our final projects to the class. Final project presentations should be no more than 10 minutes long, and should include the reading of a substantial excerpt from your project, as well as relevant passages from your essay. It is imperative that you plan to be present these weeks to act as an audience for your classmates.

Final project presentations are worth 10% of your grade.


April 8
1) A description of your final project. This should be a paragraph or two in length, and include the following details:
• The artistic work that will serve as the basis or inspiration for your project
• The form your project will take (a series of poems, a short story, a one act play, etc.)
• How your project will relate to the text that is serving as inspiration (for example: a series of re-interpretations of a story, a re-setting of the story in a different time or place, a telling of the story from a different character’s point of view, a set of poems starting with or centered around favorite quotes)

2) The first portion of your project. This can be a poem, a scene, or an excerpt from the story, and can be as short as a page, but it should be something that you plan to use as part of your project.

May 6 and May 13
Final presentations

May 13
Final Projects due in class.

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