Thursday, April 22, 2010

Push Hands

This was a very insightful piece that I felt very close to. I often play a very contrary role in my classes. I have a hard time accepting things that I see flaw in, but I also know that often these 'flaws' are just mis-understandings on my part, so I frequently question and attack things thrown out before me, regardless of what it is. Unless I can see the immediate truth in it right away, I'm probably going to fight against it until that truth compels me.

Recently, which is to say this semester, I've become allot more familiar with revision. I cannot say I enjoy it any more, but its demonstrated to me how much better my work is after I've done several drafts, and in a way that is undeniable. This battle between laziness or, as skinner puts it so well 'spiritual paralysis', is a familiar one to me, and I think that this essay helped me with it.

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