Thursday, April 15, 2010

Response to Wit by Margaret edson

The introduction with Vivian was powerful and of course sad, but the combination of these two feelings was grasping and really pulled me in right away.
I really enjoyed the way that she played with the pages, for example when on page thirty-six when Vivian is talking and Jason is thinking at the same time, this also happened in the beginning when Vivian was receiving her diagnosis from the doctor, very effective. I was curious as to how that played out on stage, how they would go about performing that. I am also curious as to whether or not this play was originally intended to be read or if it was only meant to be performed, in which form did it take place first?
"I have stage four cancer, there is no stage five" we immediately are thrown into her situation finding out that her last 8 months will be of chemotherapy, instantly we are in scene with a doctor who is giving this robotic, formulaic, insensitive diagnosis, all of this pain we are reading yet somehow humor surfaces-so talented. However this idea of humor in tragedy, humor in other's pain is so confusing to me. The tragicomedy is confusing to me, I enjoy it but a big part of me doesn't like that I enjoy it- I felt insensitive after having those moments where I laughed in reading this play, even though it was intended to be funny- I am just curious to the concept of the tragicomedy and this play brought that up for me.

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  1. I wondered about the play as well. I have a feeling that the actual performing of this play could be quite fascinating, especially on the last scenes.


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