Thursday, April 8, 2010

If you don't want to be drunk...

If you feel the that being drunk is too much and leaves a bad taste in your mouth, then be high. If you don't like the taste of alcohol a safer alternative is smoking cannabis. So as to not feel the heavy burden of booze on your liver that causes you to get kidney stones and frequent urination, then you must replace liquid with plant.
But what kind of plant? Sativa, Indica or "Sindica" if you like a variety. Whatever the type, just always stay high.
And when your done slumber in your bed and go to pretty places where the flowers grow and everyone is free to live in peace. While there, take in the sights of bountiful water and fertile land; a place to start over again. Reborns praise the winding trees, colorful rocks, crystal blue water, lush green leaves that circle continually around the essence of our lives. When slumber ends and your dreams coalesce into reality and take human form you realize that being high doesn't come with a hangover, alcohol is out of the picture. Nice...


  1. Wow-nice spin on the poem. I wish I could get high, but instead I get anxiety, so I have to suffer hangovers and headaches from reading too much and watching too many episodes of six feet under.
    I like the difference between the two paragraphs. The first paragraph is funny and then in the second paragraph you describe a beautiful place that you go to when your high, very creative!

  2. I like that you still paralleled the original "Get Drunk" pretty well. There is something really pretty about your last two lines, they fit together vividly.


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