Friday, April 23, 2010

Week 12 Assignments

Workshop Preparation
Respond to the final projects from your workshop group by completing a Peer Response Form (handed out in class and posted to the blog) for each piece. Bring two copies of each response to class April 29th, one for the writer, and one for me.

Writing Assignment

OPTIONAL (if you still need to turn in a an exercise)
1) Find a piece of writing (in the course reader or elsewhere) that you find difficult, frustrating, or confusing, and write your own creative response, copying as many elements as you can (form, style, tone, rhythm, development, themes, etc.)

Read for April 29
Not Knowing, Donald Barthelme
On Defamiliarization, Charles Baxter

1. Post a link to an online literary magazine you like. Give us a brief one-paragraph write up of the site’s focus, interests, and aesthetic. If the magazine features collaborative or interactive processes, so much the better!

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