Thursday, April 15, 2010

w;t- language

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this play. I thought the language was fantastic and extremely captivating, and, as a fan of John Donne's poetry, I deeply appreciated Edson's explication of many of his works. I had previously seen this in it's film version (before reading it as a play) and it was interesting to see the way it played out on screen as well as in writing. I feel as though the play would have been more interesting to see, in that it is all pretty much one continuos scene (despite the few flashbacks of her childhood or college days). Edson successfully built tension throughout the play, allowing us to fall to pieces along with the main character, who, initially was very strong willed and sure of herself. She kept people at a distance with her constant wit and cynicism, but as she began to die, she slowly became more human, desiring that contact that makes you feel wanted or loved. Even the end scene where the character dies is poetic, visually seeing her step off-stage into the light while these people she barely knows are falling apart over the fact that she is no longer living.

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