Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Resistance and Revision

I liked this article well enough. It was written well and in a quiet humor, colloquial style. But I don't think I found it very helpful. The resistance to revision is a well-known fact about writing, especially student writers. I thought Skinner did a funny job qualifying it: making jokes on the student who believes in the "organic" poem and the "realness of voice" etc. These sections were funny. And they put a little light to the subject. But this is a subject we're already plenty familiar with. Towards the very end he gives suggestions for tackling revision, which I think is the closest this article came to being helpful. When he gives specific techniques to use or try, I think some of them are useful, but he wrote directed at poetry writers, and some of the suggested techniques are too narrow to apply to fiction.

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  1. The thing is that every writer is truly different and I really don't think revision can be the same for everyone. Even though this piece was helpful at some points, it still can't speak for everyone's way of writing and revising


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