Thursday, April 22, 2010

Push Hands response

I loved this piece. I thought it was intensely honest and spot on in describing the writing/revision experience. All writers go through this process, feeling incredibly protective over their work. They are so protective that it is often hard to revise because you don't want to get rid of something that you may have thought sounded genius while someone else thought it was pretentious or didn't fit. People are afraid to edit down their poems or stories because they hate to part from lines that they loved, but the often fail see that those lines may be slowing down the story or may belong in another piece altogether. Jeffery Skinner made a lot of fantastic points in "Push Hands: Balancing Resistance and Revision" because he is giving it to us from the perspective we understand, the perspective of being the writer or creative mind. We need to be willing to let go of certain things in order to allow ourselves to move forward and be successful. This was very insightful :)

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  1. Good point, I loved the piece too but didn't think about the fact that he writes it from the perspective of the writer. That definitely helped me to enjoy what he was saying.


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