Thursday, April 8, 2010

Another Cage response

if the time has come to folD
sEt your hand on the
fAce up so the rest can see
and watch as the pot is Cleared
forget about tHe gas money

get riD of the letters
the tickEt stubs
that napkin he wroTe his number on
And don't call
forget the Contours of his face
the smell of His clothes

become a Drunken leaf
stumbling through currEnts of air
make The break
from the brAnch
in the Cool morning
of some winter montH


  1. ahhhh, I love this! I also did a Cage response, but I love how you used a three sequence format & Deface is such a powerful title. This is a story within a story. I love it.

  2. Reading this made me dizzy, which poetry sometimes does to me when I'm not wearing my glasses. But now I am, and it still did. But I loved every minute of it. The format fits it very well.


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