Thursday, April 8, 2010

Get Drunk

“Get Drunk” is the type of thing everybody on earth should have to read at least three times in their life. It is something that is necessary for almost every aspect of life, and it should be like a bible to most people.

The main idea here is Baudelaire trying to express the importance of finding your bliss in life. Don’t get trapped into a life where you have no outlet, or anyway to just let go of the outside world and be happy. When you’re drunk you have nothing to worry about in life. And he doesn’t mean just with wine. As he says, “With wine, with poetry, or with virtue”. I have often heard surfers say that when they are surfing, just at the moment they are about to catch the wave and let loose they feel absolutely nothing. They’re not thinking about their papers, or their meetings, or whatever is bothering them in their life. Right at that moment, they are with the ocean. They are drunk.

People today get so sucked in to the little things in their lives that they forget to get drunk. They find reasons why they can’t get drunk, and as a result they lose a bit of themselves.


  1. You captured the essence of Get Drunk so well. I loved this piece based on how it was written, and the truth you described above. Loved the surf analogy. Good analysis!

  2. I agree, this is a really good analysis of Get Drunk. I thought the last paragraph was interesting, especially the part about how people lose a bit of themselves when they don't get drunk

  3. Agree again. I like your analysis and your use of the surfing analogy. I think its important that you expanded on the "with wine, with poetry, or with virtue" line. Nice. It takes away from the brotastic title.


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