Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I stumbled upon makemag.com recently as I followed the poety Dora Malech to her credits on this website. It's set up like a blog and features a lot of new memoirs, books of poetry, fiction, art and reviews. Make is a Chicago Literary Magazine that covers the 'storyteller's city'. This website is both entertaining and informative in terms of new publications and upcoming writers. Here is the poem by Dora Malech that traced me back to makemag.com. I really enjoyed it.

Shore Ordered Ocean
Dora Malech

Bells on bridles to ready for battle.
Broke those horses and there weren’t any

horses left. Explosives in the hope chest,
Hawks waiting to be whistled off the fist.

Doused the dovecoats with gasoline.
Slipped the last dowels from the cask.

Couldn’t we call the crash a birdbath?
Couldn’t we call the coffins giftwrap?

Must have been some misunderstanding.
Shore ordered ocean but sent it back.


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