Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Response To Wit

I felt that Margaret Edson's play Wit really opened my eyes to the effects of ovarian cancer. Being at the later stages of this disease the main character shows much humour, bravery, and vunerablity. Towards the end of the play I felt is was really touching and heartbreaking when her former teacher is reading the bedtime story The Runaway Bunny. This was my favourite scene in the play I felt that it ended the play well. If I were in her shoes I would want someone near me when I go to just be there for support so I would't be alone. The main character did not want someone to read John Donne to her but rather a children's story whose message is one of peace and love.


  1. I also enjoyed this last scene because it allowed Vivian to let go of the cold abstractions of Donne, as interesting and profound as the may be,and forgo for a more warming story that won't leave her in such existential anxiety near the end of her life.

  2. I also liked the closing scene with the children's book, a process "reverting to the child-like self" a stage in the process of passing, they say. There are so many beautiful themes in this play.


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