Thursday, April 8, 2010

Week 10 Assignments

Writing Assignment

Choose One:
1) Compose a series of at least five found poems or prose pieces that have a shared theme, subject, or organizational principal.

2) Compose your own cento of at least 40 lines using at least 5 different texts.

3) Write a poem in a form that you invent as John Cage did in Method.

4) Impose a constraint or set of constraints on yourself. Then write in poetry or prose, keeping within your constraints.

Read for Next Week
Wit, by Margaret Edson

Read for April 22
from Sleeping with the Dictionary, Harryette Mullen
Coo/Slur, pg. 17
Denigration, pg. 19
Dim Lady, pg. 20
European Folk Tale Variant, pg. 24
Mantra for a Classless Society, or Mr. Roget’s Neighborhood, pg. 49
Present Tense, pg. 57
Sleeping with the Dictionary, pg. 67
Variations on a Theme Park pg. 75

1. Post an entry about any one of the readings this week. This may be a critical or creative piece of about 200-300 words. It MUST respond to your chosen reading in some way, either by identifying and discussing craft elements, themes, or techniques or by using those elements in a creative response.

2. Post comments on at least three other entries. Remember, this is not a place for critiquing each other’s work. Instead, identify something from the piece that strikes or interests you, ask a neutral question about the work, or suggest ways the author could deepen or expand it.

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