Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Within this Poem there is a word,
a word that I do nOt yet know.
And as I type I rEally hope,
that this lazy Method works.

For I am not a Poet,
tO say the very least.
But if this workEd who knows?
This could be a Masterpiece.

i just wrote a dumb short poem hoping I could find a random word within it and
this happened


  1. i swear everything you write or read aloud (which is still something you wrote so I'm just redundant) makes me laugh. So I suppose kudos are in need of being given so here, have some kudos. I'm rambling good job

  2. HAHA! Ah, I love it! I like how you even describe it as a "lazy method!" When I write poetry, I never know what I'm doing, I just start off and hope it becomes a "masterpiece!" Excellent job.


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