Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Push Hands Response

This piece really reminded me that revision is an essential part to all writing processes. It also reminded how I can be a lazy writer sometimes whom thinks that his first drafts are always his best. Skinner also emphasized that every writer is different and will neede too concentrate on different parts of the writing development process than others do. I particularly liked how he described the two different types of lazniess, it was humorous but at the same time really true! When I ask my friends and family to proof read the things I write, I am almost always self-conscious about what they will think about it. Sometimes it gets to the point where I will not ask anyone to read it because I think they won't like it. In that regard, the piece that Skinner wrote helped me to deal with that complex. As he said, "Writing is Revision" and I fully believe that. This piece was a useful reminder to me that revision is important because you can always build upon your work, making it that ,much better and taking my writing to the next level. Skinner knows the writing process and since he is so experienced in the field his advice should be taken.


  1. I didnt really understand how the second kind of laziness was really "lazy" as opposed to simply jaded. I feel like a lot of writers get worn out by thinking "whats the use" but i wouldnt really consider that being lazy... hm.

  2. Well the second lazy is lazy in the sense that we accept defeat before even trying. We become intimidated by writing that we begin to fill ourselves with self doubt and tell ourselves what's the point? In the process we don't nearly revise as well as we should because we have convinced ourselves of its inferiority. We have given up before really trying. In this way its like being the "real" lazy because in both, one actively chooses not to revise except in this instance its because you don't want to put in effort to push yourself further. We just expect the gift of writing to come to us instead of gaining it and this is lazy. Of course this is just how I feel


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