Monday, April 5, 2010

Creative Response to Sonnets by Ted Berrigan

Sonnet I

Dear God, hello. It is 1:30 am.
dear Mary, she shelters those
Looking in the mirror, I gaze
Its 4:30 pm in Chicago and I'm exhausted walking
up a thousand steps to the top of the attic. Wow, I can see,
When Is The Impossible Just Improbable
the moon is pale blue turning clear
forgetful revealing and memorable
tearing at the mention of Forgiveness
to take a black and white picture
5 by 7 inches
Dear God, hello. It is 1:30 am
doomed till 3, he is sleeping with one eye open, and I'm
just 17 so why am I having trouble breathing I should believe


  1. "When Is The Impossible Just Improbable." The distinction is hard to seperate, yet the tone of your piece helps us realize the difference, some what. Having the narrator be only 17 is a nice touch. We see his ideas and thoughts to be incomplete, much like how the piece is structured. Someone so young could not have much life experience, yet we understand and encourage the moments of his awareness, not fully, but respectfully.

    Jason Yelland

  2. Your response is very clear, and easy to follow. It has a very dark and mysterious tone to it. "doomed till 3, he is sleeping with one eye open" gives us an image of a person suffering some sort of mental illness. I really liked it! :)


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