Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Anna in the Tropics response

The idea of telling a story within a story intrigued me about this piece. How the romance novel affected the characters within the play got me to thinking about stories and what they really are. It seems like everyone's life is a story to them, and the ones that they hear within that life connect them to the lives of others, whether they reflect to actual people or not? Follow me?

a story line, in literal translation
is not any more than a life.
which character is a person we know
hope to know
hope to describe
and one day hope to love
as if they were encased in
an imaginary body.

we sift through layers of situations
looking for one that
affects our outer reality
and can provide something
more than
for our subjectivity.

where is the line defining
a plotline from wishful thinking?
when do the tales of others
become recollection of ourselves
and the places we never will travel to
and the conversations we will never have


  1. I think that's what is so amazing about literature-- finding things you can identify with in the characters. It's the ones with our flaws that we love, and who we want to see the best in.

  2. I would agree, the complexity of meta-storytelling that lays behind the surface of such a seemingly simple play really makes this piece a little more special.

    I also think your poem captures that well.

  3. I loved the story within a story aspect as well, and you successfully translated that into your own work. Good job working with the concept and capturing it beautifully into your poem. There is a wonderful complexity to it that I greatly appreciate.


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