Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Creative Response to Gentleman's Agreement

The Woman's Promise

The woman now gray and somewhat unlined despite the years looked at the young girl's face and smiled a melancholy smile. The young girl tried not to dawdle behind others and always looked forward. The older woman said to the younger woman you are so lucky to have your youth, the time you spend today you will never get back. The young girl paid little attention to what was being said. She noticed the weather being cold and overcast. She looked around herself apprehensively swallowing the anxiety that seemed to come with every negative criticism that was thrown her way. It felt like her situation in life reduced to quivering mass of nerves and dull pain. She could only remember it being one day in the week that she truly felt at peace. She didn't ask for much. It seemed her predicament loomed way above in her thoughts. How could she solve her crisis when there was no easy answer. How could she spend everyday knowing the answer will never come. The older woman, wise beyond her years, says to the young girl be happy don't worry about things that can't be helped, but the young girl says I know some things can not be helped but I can't help feeling this is not how I want my life to be. I was fine until this started happening to me, if only I can go back in time, but going back in time is impossible she realized. Everyday I am surrounded by misery, I am forever plagued. The older woman replied don't lose hope, someday the answer will come and you will find piece. The young girl realized at that moment that she will not give up. She will have faith in hope.


  1. I really enjoyed how you expressed the characters thoughts. It made me feel like I was inside of her head.

  2. I liked how the dialogue was mixed in with the narration. I think it works really well in Gentleman's Agreement and you're story as well. Nice message.


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