Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Dream Songs - Again

This is my take on The Dream Songs by John Berryman. I chose to mix up the content of his while, hopefully trying to capture the essential contextual feel he has created.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I am excited by both. There
company fills the sky with pleasure. There is no object
which is in this great, tidy, emancipating world, which
tires me. My life is grand and beautiful. Sentimental moment
after sentimental moment. My father expressed his vigilance
on the matter. "Enthusiasm is for people who have a lack of
creativity". I applaud his meager attitude for it has made

me stronger. Strength is what protects the world, fights the
wars that so one should. Blood running down an abandoned
river glides upon a slick rock. Cracking a fresh wound to the
exposed sun. Like a child

being born, sprouting out its head in a sea of blood. Forging an
eternal bond with mother and Earth. Mother Earth. Forces
encompass the path which many are denied. Love is a much
grander endeavor, beinging joy, respect, alertness. Unyielding
to the scrutiny of a village idiot. Bored people suck the utter

essence of charisma out of the world. Living for no purpose but
to deny the healthy and happy, magic and joy. I find the joy of life,
miracle of life, pro-life, the most genuine feeling in the world. I love
my mother and father for what they have inspired in me.

Jason Yelland


  1. I enjoyed your piece, I though it captured the spirit of Berryman's The Dream Songs very well. I espcially liked the lines "Blood running down an abandoned river glides upon a slick rock. Cracking a fresh wound to the exposed sun." It felt it was a good use of imagery.

  2. I like where you applied the breaks, I feel like it helps to structure the piece even though it disconnects it slightly. Interesting use of repetition

  3. I liked the use of repetition as it really captured the spirit of Berrymans poems.


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