Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pet Milk

I really enjoyed reading "Pet Milk." I googled it, and on the can it's really PET Milk. I am not sure why Dybek made the choice to change the capitalization of the word, but think perhaps it has the effect of sweetening the image a bit. Pet milk makes me think of pet name, something sweet, and he uses the Pet Milk to evoke sweet memories from his past.

I sort of feel like Dybek shouldn't have included the memory of his grandmother in this story, the meat of it all lies with his memory of Kate, and as a whole I don't feel that the two memories converge that well.

One thing I cant stop wondering about, and maybe I'm just a sicko, is... is Pet Milk (the thick, off-white liquid) supposed to be present in the last scene of the story, on the train? I'm probably reading too much into the significance of the Pet Milk, though.


  1. I also enjoyed this story and I actually think its quite interesting how you interpreted "pet milk" with the end of the story. You're not sick! I actually see your point. I think the grandmother might of had some significance in the theme of intimacy. I say this just because some childhood memories seep into my relationships as an adult.

  2. Wow, good for you about relating the pet milk to the last scene on the train, I as well think they are related. I understand where you are coming from about Dybek not including his grandmother into the story, but I kind of enjoyed how the story read a like it was his train of thought.

  3. good analysis and definitely not a perv. I thought the same thing when I read it, especially with how erotic the last seen is.

  4. I completely agree with what you've said. When I read it the first time I kept waiting for Pet Milk to come back in the story of Kate or for the story to come full circle. I understand how the beginning is a catalyst for the memory of Kate to come up, but it felt like two different stories to me. Interesting what you said about Pet Milk being in the last scene. Never thought of that but I can totally see what you mean. Nice.


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