Friday, March 19, 2010

Week 8 Assignments

Writing Assignment

Choose One:
1) Write a story or one-act play that unfolds backwards in time, revealing new information or changing the way we understand the events of the narrative present.

2) Write a story or play where the structure and the use of time reflect each other. Carefully plan your narrative moment so that you can successfully trick your readers into believing they know where they stand in the timeline of the story. No more than two pages.

Read for Next Week
Anna In the Tropics, Nilo Cruz
Time, Anne Bogart (from And The, You Act) pg. 37 in the Course Reader

1. Post an entry about any one of the readings this week. This may be a critical or creative piece of about 200-300 words. It MUST respond to your chosen reading in some way, either by identifying and discussing craft elements, themes, or techniques or by using those elements in a creative response.

2. Post comments on at least three other entries. Remember, this is not a place for critiquing each other’s work. Instead, identify something from the piece that strikes or interests you, ask a neutral question about the work, or suggest ways the author could deepen or expand it.

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