Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Bogart made a lot if interesting points in the treatment of time and priority within art. I generally share the views she expressed during her explanation on the subjectivity of time, giving cohesion to my otherwise nebulous understanding of the subject. Some moments are irrelevant, forgotten so soon afterward they might as well not have happened at all no matter how long they took on the clock. Conversely, a few moments can take pages and pages to describe and stay with the reader/viewer forever, just like a wonderful or traumatic moment can stick in the mind in real life, regardless of technical length. The quote about tragedy becoming comedy with added speed is true too - compressing or abridging a long dialogue can make even the most tragic of subject matter seem trivial, and everyone knows that speeding up film can make any scene funnier. I have a lot to think about with the use of time in my future works - how can I play with it to enrich the experience?

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