Thursday, March 25, 2010

Week 9 Assignments

Writing Assignment ~ Due April 8
Note: Please see the final project information sheet for more details, and feel free to email me if you have questions.
1) A description of your final project. This should be a paragraph or two in length, and include the following details:
• The artistic work that will serve as the basis or inspiration for your project
• The form your project will take (a series of poems, a short story, a one act play, etc.)
• How your project will relate to the text that is serving as inspiration (for example: a series of re-interpretations of a story, a re-setting of the story in a different time or place, a telling of the story from a different character’s point of view, a set of poems starting with or centered around favorite quotes)

2) The first portion of your project. This can be a poem, a scene, or an excerpt from the story, and can be as short as a page, but it should be something that you plan to use as part of your project.

Read for April 8
Sonnet 56, by Paul Hoover

Method, John Cage from Composition in Retrospect
Ghazal of the Better-Unbegun, Heather McHugh
Sonnet 2 and Sonnet 18, Ted Berrigan
Be Drunk, Charles Baudelaire
New Years Resolution, Lydia Davis

Read for April 15
Wit, by Margaret Edson

1. Post an entry about any one of the readings this week. This may be a critical or creative piece of about 200-300 words. It MUST respond to your chosen reading in some way, either by identifying and discussing craft elements, themes, or techniques or by using those elements in a creative response.

2. Post comments on at least three other entries. Remember, this is not a place for critiquing each other’s work. Instead, identify something from the piece that strikes or interests you, ask a neutral question about the work, or suggest ways the author could deepen or expand it.

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