Thursday, March 25, 2010

Anna in the Tropics

I thouroughly enjoyed reading Anna in the Tropics because the play maintained a sense of simplicity in its style, making it a quick yet enjoyable read. The subject matter is delivered with a strong sense of clarity through its beautiful style. Although the basic subjects were clear, it left the reader hungering for more—a deeper understanding of what they had just absorbed. Cruiz’s style of writing was extremely approachable, using very clear cut storytelling to transform into something of more depth and complexity. This play was much more interesting to me, from the standpoint of comparison to other works we have examined in this class, because of its ability to captivate but not aggravate its readers. It’s a beautiful example of classic linear story structure.

Through this play, I am given the opportunity to examine my own abilities as a writer. I personally, am a poetry writer, and I feel as though a lot of the things we have read so far in this class are more poetry oriented. Anna in the Tropics is a more linear fiction piece with strong story development and a fantastic use of language. It inspired me to work on other forms of writing in my own time as well, possibly even to attempt something along this same style.

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