Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Time is on my side

I loved all that Anne Bogart explored with time. More than loved, in fact. Exploring the concept of time has been one of my favorite interests for a couple of years now. The perception of time and the roles our own space (person) play in time’s progression are endlessly fascinating. It makes so much sense to investigate time through the lens of art, for better defining the relationship between the two brings us a better understanding of what it is exactly to create in the first place. Though Bogart focused on the theatre, all art mediums are affected in time, if not in the same way, definitely to the same magnitude. Essentially I believe art seeks out presence, which is a place of timelessness. It is thus the artist’s job to create an environment where time is suspended, or at least manipulated so that the audience’s own concept of time is suspended or manipulated. If the artist can embody their medium with this kind of presence, that opens the gate for the audience to embody the thing that is created so that they may have a unique experience that is both part of time and timeless. If artists are supposed to be vessels through which something greater than the individual flows, what is subsequently created serves as a portal to the rest of the world to another dimension so to speak where time ceases to exist in the linear fashion of day-to-day living.


  1. I do agree, that in art one can suspend or manipulate time. Art can transport us back in time. There are many paintings which move us and therefore are timeless. Fashions in art and other media can tell us our place in history

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  3. I am also surprised she did not explore more of how art manipulates time. Music is such a magnificant exploration of subjective time in my opinion...and even more so than theatre. What do you think?


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