Thursday, March 11, 2010

the colonel :narrative and prose

I have often found that when conveying certain types of emotion, written is far more potent than spoken. In written form you can come off sounding far more eloquent, articulating differently in inner dialogue or in something that is to be read than aloud. With the "Colonel" we are able to see in depth far more details of what is happening through narration. Forche is able to go back and forth from seeing images then explaining what they resemble. It is repetitive and bounces around to various thought process like most people do in real life when making observations. Going from noticing a cop on the TV back to real life. On the page next to the piece it talks about being able to take prose essentially out of every novel. Below I have taken sections from David Sedaris’ book “When You Are Engulfed in Flames”  and formed it into a poem with persona original works.

In times of weakness , sitting in that hot little room, stress and it’s connection to stress

pg. 278,279 

pounding hearts, that nervousness like you are set a flame with anticipation

and how your body would steam if were cooled even a few temperatures 

you hear the screams , and notice the dew upon the cobble stone ground and take a deep breath and come back to that feeling of never ending situations of disaster.

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