Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Curled up on my couch during a rainy day, I read “Time”by Anne Bogart. And to be honest, it could have not been more fitting. Bogart reveals perspectives on time, both as someone experiencing it and as somoene looking at it objectively. I found that the ways she expressed time most interesting. For instance, she discusses how to some it is a number on a clock, some the sound of a bell, and others a visual change of the day. She challenges how real time actually is and how it effects those that measure it so closely. This is a compelling argument for anyone who frequently experiences a creative process. Bogart explains that time is in fact a partner in completing a creative piece rather than an enemy. I found this idea most striking because it allowed me to reevaluate my own writing process. Rather than staring at the clock telling myself “You only have two hours!,” Bogart reveals that time is merely an illustion. When one feels connected to a creative piece, time should not effect them. As I read her piece I could physically feel my mood relaxing. “Time” did not feel very much like time at all, but an objective understanding of how much control it actually has.

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